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(VBAC is a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)
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How are you feeling about labor and delivery?

What is your biggest fear about labor and delivery?
If you could labor and deliver your baby anywhere in the world, and not having to worry about your safety or that of your baby, where would your ideal birth take place?

Who would be with you, and what sights, sounds, and smells would be surrounding you?
When you are in pain, what types of personal comforts do you like to use?

examples: a quiet room, heat, cold, words spoken, etc.
Where do you hold tension in your body and what provides relief?

What questions do you have for myself, your provider, and one another?

What price range are you expecting to pay for a birth coaches' services?

Our team of birth coaches charge different price points, depending on experience and availability.  Your response here helps us match you with the best candidate for your budget.  We're pleased to accept FSA/HRA/HSAs.

[OPTIONAL] Is there a member of our team that you are interested in interviewing?

Meet our team at

All of our new doulas undergo an apprenticeship with experienced doulas.  Would you be comfortable with a new doula accompanying an experienced doula in your birth for a discount on our services?

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